Suns, moons and stars.

Topshop hat
Brandy Melville top
Primark cardigan
Bershka skirt
Casas shoes

So this attire isn't exactly appropriate for the weather we're experiencing right now in the north of England, but it's easy to adapt the styling of it to suit said rain and wind *sigh*. I would add a pair of  almost opaque tights, a slightly thicker cardigan and some snug chelsea boots. Oh and an umbrella (definitely a necessity, and one that will no doubt feature in an outfit post soon if the heavens keep up their pouring)

The new season wardrobe declutter.

Countless years before have I made the mistake of frivolously buying item after item (often trend led, admittedly) and then never wearing them, or maybe getting a single wear if lucky, because truly they don't actually suit my body shape/colouring or are just not versatile enough to style daily. However, seeing as I am now saving up for university and a trip to New York, I need to be a tad more savvy with my spending and so my version of the 'capsule wardrobe' was born. The rules I go by? If I can think of seven ways to wear an item (yup, seven) it stays. Other than that I just go for neutral colours, - grey, black, white and varying shades of red and pink for if I'm feeling fancy - versatile prints -  florals and leopard because they never really go out of fashion - and classic and comfy shapes - for my curves that's oversized tops and jumpers with boxy jackets, a-line skirts and slim trousers. And if I really love an item (for example the above Zara v-neck tee) I purchase it in several colours, because I know it is a staple piece I can style endlessly. 

Everything else that doesn't fit in these categories I either give away or sell, I'm constantly updating my depop profile which you can visit here / 'georginabunney' (if you don't have a depop account I'm more than happy to sell via paypal, just pop me an email and I'll get back to you asap)

September snippets.

Craft lessons from Violet Lux /  Drooling in From Love With Fudge
OOTD / Snog comes to Sainsbury's
Scarborough looking perdy / French treats
Newmillardam walk / Hollister decor
New lanterns / Dream house in York
Violet Lux decor / Reminiscing about summer Starbucks
Sunset jog / Standard lunch break
Grandma's flower / Iced tea and cheesecake at Nando's 
A newly organised corner / Standard work snacks
Pixie garden / Sleepy kitty
College attire / Sweet pea arranging skills
Autumn appropriate doors / Sick day perks
Fabric shopping / Glittery doughnut soap
Hot chocolate season / Lunch date at Jamie's
Swanky decor / Bellini time
New favourite mascara / Italian carb fest
Salted caramel brownie / Gardening perks
Cupcakes in Carluccio's / Vagabond boot lustin'

I've been posting daily on instagram here / @georginabunney for the last month and will continue to do so as I'm really enjoying taking pretty pictures of things that wouldn't normally end up on the blog! I would really appreciate a follow on there if you like what you see?