Kimono crazy.

 Topshop hat
Primark necklace
River Island top
New Look kimono
Primark shoes

I think this would be my perfect festival attire, if I was attending a festival this year (which I'm not, unfortunately) as it's just so comfy and light that I could dance the day/night away without getting sweaty... an unpleasant aspect which many festival-goers suffer from, although they wouldn't dare admit it, right? The detailing on the cami is subtle but I think it's a nice touch (so much so that I may have purchased three colours) and the kimono has sparked some sort of inner floaty jacket desire that I didn't know I had - five on the wish list and counting *gulp* but this one in particular will be a lovely cover up for beach days in Barcelona (did I mention I'm going to Barcelona in two weeks?) My sartorial dreams often consist of leather satchels, although I find the large ones rather daunting, so when Cloggs offered to send me this pastel pink mini one from Zatchels, I couldn't say no to such cuteness! 

Make up shake up.

Products used: 
Ginvera Green Tea Nude BB Cream*
Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer in Nude 
MAC Matte Bronzing Powder
Bourjois Java Rice Powder
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy
Urbay Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette (shades Limit and Nooner)
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Naked 3 (shade Blackheart)
L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim in Intense Black
Origins GinZing Brightening Mascara
Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Blonde
MAC Vanilla Pigment
Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Raspberry
Maybelline Colorsensational Shine Gloss in Glorious Grapefruit

Every makeup maven has the odd few products or looks that they won't go near for fear that usage will result in a facial faux pas, and I often find myself buried in a makeup rut having not tried any new looks or products for a while (usually either throughout the school term or during a bank account drought) So what better time that now, after finishing for summer and being made redundant, to gather my shovel, put on a brave face and get diggin' through the beauty archives...

The eyeliner flick: Several years after quite a few questionably horrific experimentations with liquid eyeliner (thankfully all visual evidence has since been destroyed), I bit the bullet and purchased a super thin felt tip version to ease myself back into it. As someone who struggles with definition thanks to very fair eyelashes, I'm loving the effect a thin line and subtle flick gives.

Pop of pink lips: I'd always imagined that bright pink lip products would leave me looking like a barbie doll (#blondeproblems) but mixing a raspberry toned lipstick with my current favourite peach gloss creates the perfect not-in-your-face summer shade - lovely!

Hello highlighter: As a gal with combination skin thus a plentiful amount of shininess already, the addition of highlighter seems like the stuff of nightmares - glitter and oil?! *shudders* However, after a recent consultation at Space NK, I was convinced to try a subtle bit of shimmer on the high points of my face. Combined with contour it creates definition and glow not shine - who'd have thought it?

Go on, be daring and try something new beauty-wise tomorrow (you might just like it!)

How to eat better (the easy way)

Here are just a few of the super easy tips that have helped me along on my healthy eating journey for the past six months. Vastly improving your diet can seem daunting at first but when you put it simply without all the jargon and useless nonsense, you'll wonder why you didn't start eating better earlier! 

Stick with your favourites: I use the same breakfast and lunch formula every day but to stop myself from becoming bored I switch up the ingredients - repeating meals you like will make eating healthily easier therefore you'll be less likely to stray from your chosen path. 

Supermarket navigation: When shopping, stay on the outside of the supermarket as this is where the healthier, whole foods are kept such as fruit, vegetables and lean meat (and you aren't tempted to purchase naughty, processed things from the centre aisles) also, buy where possible from local grocery shops and market stalls as these are less likely to use pesticides.
Stay close to nature: The closer your food is to its natural raw state, the quicker and more effectively your body will be able to process it, thus aiding internal health and metabolism. Fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, eggs, nuts and brown grains fit into this 'whole' category!

Count your ingredients: When buying processed food (items that don't fit into the aforementioned category) read the ingredients on the back - the less there are in total, and the more names you recognise, the better it is for you.
Know the lingo: Stay away from anything that says 'shortening', 'hydrogenated', 'white', artificial sweeteners ending in 'ose' like fructose, 'benzoate', sodium nitrates/nitrites, artificial colours ending with a number and glutamates - all have been linked to serious health issues yet are found in a lot of food products.

Listen to your body: Since eating healthier I have developed an intolerance to bread and milk (basically high doses of dairy/gluten) as both these items left me bloated with stomach ache. Record how your insides react to different foods, and once you stop eating things that have a negative effect, meal times will become a much more pleasurable activity!
Research alternatives: I can wholly guarantee that there will be a healthy alternative for every naughty food if you delve deep enough into the internet archives; pancakes, brownies, creamy pasta... the list goes on. Simply google the name followed by 'healthy recipe' - a treasure trove of wonders will be uncovered!

Don't overcomplicate things: Instagram food gurus have put many off improving their diet with overwhelming pictures of ridiculously detailed meals covered in every type of seed and miracle supplement known to man. Don't be fooled - it really isn't as time and money consuming as they make it out to be, as most nutrients and vitamins can be found in affordable, everyday foods such as fruit and veg. 
Make your own: Smoothies, cereal bars and pasta sauces are just a few examples of processed foods that are super easy to make yourself - simply look on the tin for ingredients (or research a recipe) and after half an hour with a blender/oven/wok you have an identical item except for one thing; you're safe in the knowledge that it contains no nasties. 

Vegan is better: If creating your own snacks isn't a viable option, buy vegan ones as they are as close to whole food as you can get - Nakd products are super yummy and they are available in cheeky flavours like chocolate, ginger bread, pecan pie, and rhubarb and custard, as well as lots of fruity variations.