UV rays.

Zero UV sunglasses
Pandora ring
Persunmall blazer*
Zara tee
Ark jeans*
Primark bag
Office shoes

Well hello Mr sunshine, what a pleasant surprise it is to see you (again) I made a joke on instagram earlier about this, but I actually think it's a pretty accurate statement - you know spring is here when the ankles come out! And what better shoes to welcome the new season in with than these clog/sandal hybrids? I got them from work for an absolute steal, but worry not we have some new season styles that are ridiculously similar. I'm also loving minimalism right now, my personal style is ever-changing but I think currently I switch between attempting to dress like a seventies boho princess and an effortlessly cool new yorker. Except it takes quite a lot of effort!

Makeup storage, the update.

Muji 2 Drawers Wide Acrylic Box
Plastic 24 Squared Acrylic Lipstick Rack

It's been over a year since I last let you take a peek at my makeup storage and all its treasured contents, and since then my collection has grown and transformed quite a bit so I figured an update was due. I have a thorough sort through these drawers at least twice a year, and either bin, sell or give away items that are no longer key to my routine or are past their best (if you'd like a separate post on how to ruthlessly sort through makeup, lemme know below!) I guess the contents of my collection changes depending on my current style, just like my wardrobe. For example, currently I'm loving the Kylie Jenner look so there's an abundance of MAC lip liners, bronze eye palettes, and an ever-growing amount of Charlotte Tilbury sculpting products (gal sure knows how to hook you in, am I right?) as well as lots of Maybelline and my favourite Burberry perfume. I'm thinking of buying another set of the drawers so that certain sections aren't getting too crammed, but I honestly cannot recommend Muji enough - after two years usage they pull out and clean as easily as the day I installed them! 

Are you yet to jump on the acrylic bandwagon or have you been a loyal fan as long as I have?

10 ways to detox your life.

Detoxing is something that people often associate with the beginning of a year, but in truth I think that if your living area, relationships and headspace are all getting unmanageably hectic and it's affecting you mentally or physically, there's no better time to start afresh and get back to basics than now! Here's a few things that have helped me detox my life over the past couple of months...

Work out a bedtime that's feasible for your lifestyle yet still meeting eight plus hours a night, and stick to it.

Consume less caffeine, and instead replace it with plenty of fresh water.

Have a spring clean, dust and declutter the areas you spend the most time in so that they're mentally and visually peaceful.

Let go of negative people, say goodbye to those who don't bring positivity and happiness into your life.

Put aside an amount of time every day to go outside and experience the fresh air, even if only for half an hour.

Empty your inboxes, cancel your subscriptions, unfollow anything or anyone that doesn't impact your life directly, and start afresh.

Cut down your online hours, even if it means physically switching off the wifi at a certain time.

Buy a plant or two and place them around your living space, they're pretty and good for your health.

Sort and sell, or give away accordingly, any items that you haven't used or worn in a set amount of time, for example three months.

Write down on paper then bin all of your anxious thoughts and anything that's bugging you mentally, and by doing so you can move forward with a clear head.