10 ways to make the most of a day off.

Days off are precious, and for most people they only come around once or twice a week (myself included) so here are ten ways in which you can treasure that free time to the fullest...


Training your tresses.

Are you ready to be let in on my biggest beauty secret? It's an unusual one, and not for the faint hearted...


How to spend 24 hours in Liverpool.

Back in March I travelled cross country for a whistle-stop stay in Liverpool with a group of friends, and despite only being in the city for just over twenty four hours, we came across a few fab eateries and interesting things to do that I thought y'all might enjoy discovering too...


A change in direction.

Yesterday I finished compulsory education, forever. No biggie, or at least not for you guys anyway... right?


Easiest overnight oats recipe.

Overnight oats are one of those pinterest-worthy breakfast ideas that I have always presumed would take hours to prepare, whereas in truth that couldn't be further from reality; the recipe I've discovered  takes less than five minutes to make, and doesn't require oodles of fruit and resources either!


Golden hour.

So I may not have spent the weekend at Coachella, but this outfit - minus the shoes - is definitely something I would have worn if I had been attending! 


The handbag essentials.

Constantly switching between college, work and leisure means that my handbags are forever in rotation, however I've narrowed the contents down to my everyday must-haves, all of which go wherever I go! 


Art i Sa cafe and creperie, Barcelona.

One thing that I'll hunt for, no matter where in the world I am, is smoothies and crepes, and my favourite place in Barcelona to find both - as well as gelato, afternoon tea and other endless treats - is Art i Sa...
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