Cats and cakes.

What a typical easter sunday looks like, with family in the countryside. Opening handmade cards and chocolate-themed presents, admiring the copious amounts of fresh flowers scattered around my auntie's abode, cuddling Molly (the only kitty I've ever been fond of) sitting in the garden, and eating orange and mocha cake. I wish every Sunday could be like this one!

Stripes and sneakers.

H&M top
Topshop skirt
Converse shoes
Rosegal watch*

On Wednesday the temperature here in Yorkshire miraculously hit fifteen degrees so Hannah, Gemma and I decided to make the most of it and go for a walk, pasty pins out and all. I used to be very anti-converse so if you'd have told fourteen year old me to spent forty quid on a pair I would have laughed  out loud, however flash forward two years and I am now converted. I got this white pair from Office recently, and I'm finding it difficult to not wear them 24/7 - they're just so comfy, and easy to style, and.... ugh, I'm in love. All I need now is a skateboard (I jest, despite dancing all my life I actually have no balance whatsoever)

The perfect breakfast.

Ever heard the saying 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day'? Well as it turns out, there is actually a lot of truth in that, which is why breakfast was the first meal I aimed to transform when starting my healthy lifestyle journey back in February. I did plenty of nutritional research beforehand, and when I asked last week quite a few of you requested healthy meal ideas so here is my perfect breakfast! No matter what your reason for getting healthy - weight loss, toning up or general wellbeing (in my case it's a combination of all three) a balance of protein, fruit and whole grain carbs is where it's at. This mix will keep your blood sugar stable, and puts off hunger for longer, thus reducing early sugar cravings and the longing for elevenses. Compared to branded cereals, which are ridiculously high in sugar and additives, and carb catastrophes (also known as pastries) it's truly a no-brainer. 

Banana's are a great source of heart-protecting potassium, fibre and calcium so I always include a fresh one chopped as the base of my bowl. Then I tend to add two other fruits - mango makes for a lovely tropical addition and is full of Vitamin A, C, E and cancer-beating antioxidants. Raspberries, melon and grapes are also great for your tastebuds and your body, and let's not forget blueberries; full of fibre, vitamin C and every antioxidant under the sun - no wonder they're a superfood! 

Although a lot of people are on the fence when it comes to dairy, and I have significantly cut down on my milk intake since February, I love yoghurt and cannot imagine myself replacing it with a vegan variety anytime soon - I don't feel the need to, seeing as it's full of bone-building calcium, vitamins and probiotics. I tend to buy Yeo Valley as it's organic, but I also get Onken and Activia - all three are fat free and available in vanilla, blueberry, raspberry, mango and passionfruit... the list of flavours is endless! Natural and greek varieties are arguably better for you, but they're flavourless so I end up adding honey (defeating the difference!)

Onto granola, my favourite is 'Tropical oat crunch' from Lidl, as it contains oat clusters and sunflower seeds like many other supermarket variations but also has added dried papaya, pineapple, coconut and banana. You can make your own granola but for those who don't have time to, like me, just check on the packet that the fat and sugar content is under 20g per serving. I've also recently started adding milled linseed (this one, again from Lidl, has sesame, blueberries and raspberries added) as just two tablespoons of the stuff achieves your daily recommended intake of fibre and omega 3, plus it's gluten free and acts as a great sweetener for smoothies, hot drinks and pancakes.

So there you have it, my perfect breakfast, in three easy steps. I'd love to know if you're going to try this, and what you think of it!